Minggu, 24 April 2011

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a tale about relationship between a boy and a tree, the tree love the boy so much, she always provides everything for the boy, once the boy grew older, he seldom to play with the tree and the time goes by, the boy ask  more and more from the tree………
It's children book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein, it publish in 1964, but even now it creating controversy and opinion debate about the interpreted massage that delivered by the book. For me it's a good one, what do you think about one side love and selfless sacrifice? maybe you'll give difference answer about it. Okay I'll explain about what I think, the tree is a selfless giver and the boy is a greedy taker, you can correlated it with your life, have you ever become the boy in this book ?if you say no, I think you lied, now day every human is a greedy taker and the nature is selfless giver. And the other massage that I receive from this book is one thing that can remind me about My Mom, she'll be happy if I'm happy, she'll gave up everything for me, and my sisters. She never asks for return.

Human is the most complete creature made by Allah, different with others which can't choose what ever they want, human have mind and heart so that they can decide what they wanna do became more like Satan or like an Angel, human now day use their mind more than their heart, just like the story from this book human just take advantage from the other just to fulfill their needed. Someone use you,or you use someone else it's a normal things in this era, most of human make a relationship with other just to use them but it doesn't wrong at all,it's natural for huuman to do something like that.

After reading this book, I remember My Mom and what she has been done to me, and make me realize that My Mom always by my side even when she was far away from me, what I can give to her never be equal to what she gave to me, but she never ask for return.

This book teach us for being a good human "live this life not just for your self"

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  1. yo mesti... simbok kok... mak ciek kan cen pohon apikan tenan, tp yo anak2e lan bujune ki kuduner reti batesan lan pangerten.

    Iki cerito lawas bgt to... tak kiro ki mung dongeng sana sini, ternyata ono bukune to...

    iki kw tuku bukune? Bahasane basa inggris po indo?

  2. bukune download ng library.nu,cuman 2 mb tok,39 halaman tok

  3. Ayo nang tulis lagi komen-komen dari sutu cerita. belajar nulislah setiap hari, biar lancar dalam menyusun kalimat. Ni mae lho lagi di jogja