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[BOOK REVIEW] "Jane Eyre" An Epic tale of Love, Secret and Passion

Charlotte Bronte, 1847, Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre actually is a book that written by female, the main character is female and mostly read by female. After I finished it, I realized that I loved it, I loved it and I loved it, I couldn’t help it, how could it be? Of course I'm not feminine. I just loved the character especially Jane Eyre, if there are women in this world like her, it would be great!

Jane Eyre, an epic love story and classic. One of my favorite books made by Charlotte Bronte that already made into a movie, the newest one is a mini serial with the same title “Jane Eyre” divided into 4 episodes. I won't talk about the movie, but the book. It's a big fat book, but if you read it you won`t stop before finished it. I won't tell you the whole story. It will spoil you; I'll tell you only the beginning of the story.


Jane Eyre lived and raised for 10 years by her evil auntie in law and her cousins. They treat her horribly, they despise her. What make she could take care of her for 10 years was her promise to her decease husband who cares about Jane. Her auntie couldn’t take it anymore and sent away Jane to boarding school named Lowood. In Lowood Jane met her one and only friend and maybe her only best friend in her life, Helen Burns that passed away because of TB.

At 19 years old she became teacher in Lowood, but she left her school to became a private teacher in a Big silent castle to teach a French kid to learn English and good manner. In that castle everything changed after Mr. Rochester came back from his traveling. Even Jane falls for him, and also him. But there was mystery behind that silent castle! What the secret Mr. Rochester hide is?


-        Story delivered by first person narrative style, It is good, it seems like Jane Eyre herself told story in front of me.

-          The story contain varieties things, every single chapter has a interesting thing to tell you can't get bore
-          The Main character, Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. Jane Eyre she's sensitive but also tough in the same way, she has many great thing to say, you only need to read it, Mr. Rochester  as the Hero he's firm but gentle, honest but mysterious, Charming but not handsome ,etc.

What you can learn

I will tell it but just a little, no matter you loved someone, you have to leave, if someone you loved make you did a improper thing 


PS : I just learn write in English, if any thing wrong please correct it! (write a comment)

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  1. good job bro!
    I wont correct ur english, couse i'm not good to. But i can understant ur story.
    I just can give advice,
    Kamu kurang menggali dan menarik pembaca untuk lebih mengetahui lebih dalam isi buku, intrik2nya, seperti cara kamu bercerita dalam rerefensi beberapa filmmu sebelumnya, dengan menceritakan hanya awalnya saja dan itu pun, cara kamu bercerita seperti kurang memberi gebrakan! seperti,

    'Jdaaar!!!'"Saya ingin segera membaca buku menarik ini!"

    dalam postinganmu sebelumnya, tentang referensi film, saya lebih tertarik dan tertantang ingin segera menonton film yang kamu promosikan itu...

    Oh ya, request, saya ingin kamu menulis refernsi tentang film kesukaan saya,
    The Shawshank Redemtion.


  2. Okay,thx for your advice
    Kalo yg The Shawshank Redemtion nya Insya Allah,nek wis ta tonton meneh filme